Are You Ready to Manifest your TRANSFORMATION with Holistic Life Coaching?

We will quantify any transition into action steps in order to achieve specific individualized milestones!!!



Baltimore, Maryland native, black female entrepreneur, and a registered nurse for more than 12 years, Ashley Wynn-Grimes BSN, RN is the Founder of Cannabis Nursing Solutions, LLC, author of “Stigmatized”, and the children’s book “Asa’s Medicine”. 

Ashley’s work is dedicated to empowering patients and  professionals to make informed wellness choices with impactful educational medical programs that also serve to promote diverse representation and increased resiliency in those she serves. During her impressive career, Ashley has worked in various healthcare settings, including telemetry nursing, quality improvement, and professional development. She is responsible for trail-blazing non-traditional cannabis patient care programs in Maryland that offer standardized approaches to dispensing cannabis for nursing professionals and children in school settings.

As a result of her extensive background she is able to provide a unique service called Holistic Life Coaching. With this service we will:

🌿Address Work/life balance
🌿 Integrate mind/body/spirit
🌿 Leverage holistic practices like grounding, mindfulness etc through the understanding of the largest NeuroReceptor system in the body
🌿 Quantify any transition like loss of job, or divorce into action steps to achieving specific milestones 


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Are You Ready to Manifest your TRANSFORMATION?

We will quantify any transition into action steps in order to achieve specific individualized milestones!!!

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Nicole Rand MBA, CSP


"In a field that is still relatively uncharted, Ashley brings critical knowledge! She is a highly educated, driven, and heart-centered coaching professional, providing certification to those in the medical field looking to enter the world of Endocannabinoid Specialty. Anyone looking to make a career shift out of bedside nursing, but stay in the nursing field, I recommend connecting with Ashley!"

Kimberly Duncan, LPN


Ashley is such a well diverse nurse in the Cannabis industry. She is an advocate, educator, and mentor. If there was ever a time where you needed some info on the Endocannabinoid system, she’s your gal. Ashley has an amazing book regarding cannabis and pediatrics. Being a pediatric nurse and seeing how well this book was put together, let me know Ashley is on top of her game. Thank you for all that you do in the industry and being a trailblazer. We have a need for “Ashley’s” out here!"

Mark 'RxProfessor' Pew


It only took me one Zoom meeting to recognize Ashley's unique passion for enlightening her clinical peers on objective truth. Whether it's about the endocannabinoid system or the role of stigma/bias in decision-making, she has a way of clearly conveying content that helps others make more informed choices. It was a stimulating conversation and I look forward to many more in the future!


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