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Some of the best aspects of the books is that it allows healers to be aware that they are bigger and can be bigger than some of the traditional stigmas that come with the job. I believe the essence of the book is to allow nurses who have been through a similar background, aware that their expertise can be put to the greater good, which was a part of their original goal to help people. And that as a healer and cannabis navigator to their patients, they can not only take hold and be a part of the of the cannabis adjunct therapies, but they can also make a living helping people with their core issues...


-Patrick Kelly from BioRemedies

What is "Stigmatized"?


It is NOT for someone who is unwilling to address systemic flaws impacting the healthcare industry.

It is NOT for someone who enjoys working in a typical hospital environment.

It is NOT for someone that is satisfied with a lack of freedom within their life.

It is NOT for someone who believes that they have all of the answers.

It is NOT for someone that is unwilling to serve and receive.


"Stigmatized" is the RESOURCE you've been waiting for


If you... 

  • Are ready to walk in purpose and explore greater possibilities in healthcare.
  • Want to examine content that originates from a diverse perspective, and isn’t white washed.
  • Can identify flaws in the healthcare system, and want to play an active role in addressing some of those issues.
  • Realize there are few opportunities for true growth in the healthcare industry.
  • Are tired of working hard with little to no substantial acknowledgement or compensation.
  • Want to expose yourself to a blueprint that can enact change.
  • Want to learn more about healthcare from a holistic perspective.


How Do I Begin?

What Are People Saying About “Stigmatized”? 



"I do believe people have a perception of nurses and nursing in general...this book is going to underline just how human we are (for the better)."

-Nurse Biyyiah


"One of the most impactful books that I've ever read. If you're looking for a book to inspire you...I believe this book is for you!"

-Kyle King


"I love being a nurse, but I think oftentimes it's glamorized...people don't always consider that we are human beings. Your authenticity is really going to allow people to have a clear picture of what it means to be a nurse..."

-Nurse Channie


"This gives a very good inside look to the bias that people have about nurses....and how our journey and our profession looks."

-Cierra Keaton


"I feel like this book will to see the bigger picture behind nurses that are getting into the Cannabis Industry...you get to see behind the scrubs, and see us [nurses] as human beings."

-Erica Danielle 

I like how this book actually highlights that there are different avenues in nursing, especially yours as you will highlight more of this I'm sure in your book. We kinda think hospitals and jails but that’s not the case. It also gives a lot of self reflection to nurses in the profession.

-Anyi Atabong

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Within the pages of this action-inducing resource, you’ll find content that helps you: 


  • Take control of your life by honing in on your inner power
  • Actively prepare yourself for your life’s transformation
  • Untether yourself from self-limiting beliefs
  • Improve your sense of self-worth, by examining your strengths
  • Redefine your identity 


You’ll learn the strategies to help you take an inward look at your identity, and the way that you present yourself to the world.

You’ll then have the tools necessary to align your goals with your desired outcomes for your life.

Are you ready for your life to shift?




Here Are a Few of the Secrets You’ll Learn... 


📖 “Transformation is never easy; you must kill off who you once were in order to become who you are supposed to be.” 

Our experience of death in a traditional sense is usually very sad, because we mourn the experience of our loved ones when they were in the physical state. Through your tears, you cleanse and restore balance in your body, similar to how it rains on the Earth. Death in a metaphorical sense is very similar. There are moments in our lives when we are forced to leave the person we once were, in order to become the person we are meant to be.

📖 “You are protected, even while you’re walking off the ledge.” 

Many people associate the fool with something negative, but the reality is that we've all been a fool at the beginning of all of our journeys at some point or another. At what point have you considered yourself the fool?


📖 “Get grounded and you will find the flow.”

We give so much of our attention to outside sources. We feed our minds with so much mindlessness, without even identifying it as mindlessness. We then allow this to drive our daily actions. You’ll learn how to do an internal reset that allows you to establish flow.


📖 “Your potential has no limits; give your body permission be the conduit for the magic you are destined to create.” 

Many of us already have an idea of what a magician is. We have been programmed since childhood to think about a guy with a rabbit and a black top hat putting on a performance. So now every time we think of a magician, we create this image in our minds. What we don't realize is that we are actually functioning in a system of self-limiting beliefs. This belief system is one that immediately removes the possibility of you being able to create magic of your own.

📖 “Take a risk. A big one. Even after you failed…at full speed.”

Move forward and take action with all the life lessons that have been bestowed upon you. Throw on your leather jacket, put on your crown, and remember that you are protected. The duality of the sphinx is contrasting but necessary. You still hold your magic wand and you can create all the magic you need.


📖 “In order to discover your value, you must first acknowledge your vulnerabilities”

We are all stars of her own movies most of us just don’t know it yet. So often, we choose to idolize other humans, who happened to be stars of movie productions. We put them on pedestals as if they are superhuman, though in reality, they are actually more exposed than many of us are willing or able to withstand. What are your vulnerabilities?


I'm Ready for Change!

In my opinion, nurses continue to be underappreciated heroes. Nurses do an enormous amount for the patients but don’t usually get the admiration or love that doctors get. Books like this help highlight the importance and continue to share necessary information to improve society as a whole.


-Bryan Fields

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Kiana Williams

Ashley is amazing! She's so professional about everything that she teaches, and she's so relatable, which makes it easy to learn from her.

Kyle King

Ashley is truly an expert in her field! She understands the art of teaching, and equips her students with the tools that they need to be successful. 

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